We are absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and support we have received these last few weeks. Thank you to all our amazing donors! It is deeply fulfilling to know that the Yocum Institute has had such a positive effect on so many in our community. For 85 years, the Yocum Institute has served as a cultural anchor in and beyond Berks County, PA. Our countless off-site programs in schools and libraries, our in-house operations and outreach in the community grow each year. Your support will help us to continue our mission and engage with our students and community members through arts education, creative performance, and innovative programs.

Yocum Institute is Berks County’s LEADER in community arts education

We educate, inspire, and shape our community through the arts. We help people of all ages be more creative and confident, which in turn improves health and quality of life. No other form of education or activity builds our mental, emotional, and social skills the same way—especially for kids.


Upcoming Events

Our community outreach


Through partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, libraries, recreation centers, and other nonprofit organizations in Berks County, Institute programs impact over 20,000 people annually – truly helping to realize our vision of “making the arts make a difference.”

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