Dance FX

Looking forward to another successful season!

We are excited to announce the 2020 Dance FX competition team audition date!!

This year’s audition date is set for Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 5:00-8:00 PM
Audition Fee: $20

Audition Registration Link

Auditions are open for all interested dancers ages 5-17. Students will be separated into small size groups in order to maintain social distance throughout.  MASKS MUST BE WORN IN ALL COMMON AREAS. Depending on the number of total participants there may be an altered start and end time within the window of 5 to 8 PM that will be announced a few days prior to the actual audition. 

There are currently three competition levels including our minis, juniors and senior FX. We compete throughout the tri-state area with an average of three competitions per year. If selected for the team competition classes run from September through dance nationals in July so the team is a year commitment. All questions can be directed to Ms Jenn at

The audition fee is $20 And students must be registered in advance. If your student is planning on auditioning we highly suggest the newly added competition team audition Boot Camp running on August 10 and 12th. Those students who participate in the Boot Camp will have their audition fee waived. Sign up for Boot Camp

Minis: ages 5-9 
Juniors: ages 9-14
Seniors: ages 14-17

Minis will compete in 3 genres. Hip Hop, Jazz and Lyrical

Juniors will have the opportunity to audition for any and all of the following; Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap and/or Lyrical

Seniors will have the opportunity to audition for any and all of the following; Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and/or Tap.

During auditions, you will be judged on flexibility, turns, leaps, jumps, technique, and presentation of choreography. You will learn a short section of choreography in the first 45 minutes. Then in smaller groups you will be asked to perform the choreography given. This audition is your chance to show the instructors what you are capable of and what you can bring to our competition team. 

If you are not able to make the audition date please inform us of which styles you are interested in. We will then submit videos of the choreography being broken down, as well as tempo. Your dancer will then have 24 hours to learn, and submit a video of them performing the choreography to the best of their ability. We will give you an audition number, and then your dancer’s results will be included if selected for the teams this year.

Audition Schedule for August 19, 2020

AGES 6-10 Studio 4                                      
jazz, hip hop and lyrical                         
4:30-5:30 (at 5:30pm they are done for the evening and can be picked up from the top lot)

AGES 11+ Studio 5                                   
Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical/contemporary and Tap
(individual genre audition options)

AGES 14+ Studio 3                                    
 Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical/contemporary and Tap 
(individual genre audition options

 ***We are asking that dancers remain in masks for all of auditions. Auditions are closed to only participants and staff.  We ask that all parents drop off and pick up without entering the studio to help reduce the number of bodies inside***

Payment Options
Families can opt to pay by the semester or make monthly payments.

Extreme Dancer Discount: New changes effective January 1, 2021
Dancers who take more than 5 classes are eligible to receive the Extreme Dancer Discount. Students are responsible for the tuition for the 5 most expensive classes. Any classes beyond those 5 are free. FAMILIES MUST SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING FORM PRIOR TO REGISTERING TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT. The form must be completed in full using the EXACT titles of all of the classes that you are registering for. Extreme Dancer cannot register online and the discount will NOT be applied retroactively.. The form must be submitted and Yocum Institute staff will process the registrations manually. You will receive an email once the registrations have been processed. Payments will then be due through the Parent Portal.

You must register for all classes, including ones that will be considered free. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

2 student families are eligible but will pay for the first 7 classes
3 student families are eligible but will pay for the first 8 classes
4 student families are eligible but will pay for the first 9 classes

Extreme Dancer Form

Academy of Movement Financial Responsibility Policy

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