Coggins Award

The Coggins Award was founded in 2006 to recognize artists who embrace the values Jack Coggins exhibited: creativity, innovation, and service to others.

About Jack Coggins:

Jack Banham Coggins was born in London in 1911. The family migrated to the United States in 1923, moving to Long Island, NY. After studying at New York’s Grand Central School of Art (1931 – 1933) and the Art Students League (1933 – 1934). Jack worked as a freelance artist, doing illustrations for magazines and papers.

Jack received commissions from the War Department for illustrations and contributed to Life magazine and PM newspaper. He joined the Army in 1943, but was pulled from basic training to serve as an artist correspondent for Yank magazine in New York and Europe.

In the ensuing years, Jack executed covers for science fiction magazines, wrote and illustrated numerous books, and moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife Alma Woods. He taught master classes at the Institute of the Arts and was a beloved teacher for 45 years.

The 2021 Recipient is Amanda Lee Condict

Past Coggins Award Recipients:

  • 2021 Amanda Lee Condict
  • 2019 Michele Byrne
  • 2018 Lynn Millar
  • 2017 Regina “Ginger” Gouger Miller
  • 2016 Ineke Van Werkhoven
  • 2015 Mary Button
  • 2014 Rich Houck
  • 2013 Mike Miller
  • 2012 Jerry Holleran
  • 2011 Barbara Post
  • 2010 Deb & Fred Gurman
  • 2009 Rosemarie Sloat
  • 2008 Harry Bentz
  • 2007 Bruce Becker

“Siesta with Vicky” by 2016 winner Ineke Van Werkhoven

“Renoir’s Boating Party Luncheon Revisited” by 2011 winner Barbara Post

“Amaryllis 1” by 2010 winner Deb Gurman