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New students must experience an introductory course before placement and registration in classes. Our introductory class takes place the third Tuesday of every month. Student may register online for the introductory class. Register for our February intro class visit.

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East Coast Karate is a world class martial arts school committed to improving the lives of our students through the study of Ryu Kyu Hon Kenpo Kobujitsu while maintaining all of the art’s traditional values.

Beginners: white, yellow, and orange belts
Intermediate: blue, green, and green stripe belts
Advanced: purple and brown belts


Our style of karate here at East Coast Karate is called Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu as taught by Grand Master Seikichi Odo of Okinawa.  We maintain a traditional karate and weapons system with origins dating back more than 2,000 years.  Traditional martial arts were developed strictly for self defense thus enhancing their effectiveness.  If it didn’t work, there was nobody left to pass it on.  Master Odo combined his karate with kobudo or weaponry many years ago in order to teach a complete kobujitsu system in the spirit of the samurai.


Mind – Body – Spirit

Our goal is to teach people about life through training in the martial arts.  Teaching people to kick and punch to defend themselves is relatively simple.  This is the body portion of the equation.  More importantly, students learn to deal with life comfortably and confidently.  Self discipline, self control and a positive attitude are tools East Coast Karate focuses on developing.  For children and young adults, the increased coordination and physical skills are of secondary importance when compared to learning to cope with peer pressure or acquiring the discipline and concentration necessary to confidently pursue their goals in life.

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