Jennifer M. Harding

Jennifer M. Harding is a freelance artist specializing in multimedia art. Based in Shillington, Pennsylvania, she attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts for Graphic Design. She creates all of her art freehand, layering different textures, foregrounds and backgrounds together and sealing it to create a cohesive finished piece.

Jennifer gained public notoriety as an artist with her stand out skull illustrations. To create them, she illustrates dark skull images and pairs them with colorful dried flowers, which add a bit of feminine flare, as well as reflect her love of Mexican folk art and Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

Always an artist at heart, Jennifer took a hiatus shortly after art school. At that time, her creative visions were not in high demand  and she was feeling a bit jaded and overwhelmed by the industry. She returned to the art world with a new appreciation and love of the process when she was inspired by the music and lyrics of Lee DeWyze. Through that experience, Jennifer renewed her passion for creating and began to reawaken the potential that she never really let surface. Using one of her song inspired pieces, she created a t-shirt campaign called “Art & Music for Hope,” which ultimately raised over $3,000. The money from the campaign was donated to the local Food Bank for the charity Feeding America. The exposure she received from the campaign led to a few speaking engagements in which she spoke about the way she uses her creativity to help and inspire others.

Jennifer hosted a special event for a family shelter in Maryland, in which she inspired children to create their own shirt. The children were encouraged to decorate shirts with their own visions of art reflecting their hope for the future. Jennifer also designed art for local bands. Most recently, she created a t-shirt design for Adam Kowalzyk’s band, ALOW, depicting their first single, “Behind the Screen.”

A lifelong fan of horror movies, Jennifer recently began a line of illustrations inspired by her love of the macabre. She frequently attends horror movie conventions and found her place selling her art among horror lovers like herself. She has also branched out as an illustrator for her sister, whose poetic talents pair nicely with Jennifer’s appreciation for dark horror themed art. This collaboration will expand Jennifer’s career and extend her art into a whole new world of networks, allowing more art aficionados to appreciate her talents.

Actors Tony Todd and Ted Raimi have purchased artwork and most recently, Jenn has been hired by Hot Topic as a creator. She designed merchandise for their website which is available now.