Tom Bisbano

Thank you for taking a minute to read a little about me.

I have over 35 years experience and offer lessons at any level. I have extensive experience teaching styles that range between Blues, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country, Metal and Folk and teach boys and girls as young as 4 years of age. If you’re a beginner looking to find his/her way around the instrument or an experienced player looking to really get serious…look no further. From learning your first chords to mastering Music Theory you’ll get the musical education that you seek.

I have maintained a roster of 50+ students for over 25 years and give over 2800 guitar lessons each year. I have performed in local original/cover bands,national bands and garage/basement bands while covering a wide variety of styles.

I cater my lessons to the individual student. I find that not only do people want to learn different things but they all learn things a different way! One method does not work for everybody. From “Jingle Bells” to “Jimi Hendrix”Together we will figure out the best way for you to learn. Please take a minute to view the “Letters and Testimonials” section of my profile to read what students and parents have to say about their experiences with me.

When searching for a guitar teacher I find that the following quote taken from Guitar World Magazine sums it up pretty well. “Seek Out a Great Teacher: Having a great teacher will make a big impact on your overall musicianship and outlook toward the guitar and music in general. Your teacher should inspire you, push you, twist you and nurture you all at the same time. A great teacher will adapt to your personality and level of ability while still encouraging you to find your own voice and style on the guitar. Remember a great teacher will show you where to look but not what to see. I always tell my students that I can show them the tools they need to build something great but I can’t show them what to build. That’s up to them.”