For Your Group/In Your School

The Yocum Institute for Arts Education has operated as a resource to arts experiences throughout Berks County and beyond. Through library programs, PAL Center for the Arts, Wilson School District, Rural Communities, John Paul II Center for Special Learning, Country Meadows Retirement Community, Reading Recreation Centers, and Berks County Parks and Recreation, the Yocum Institute has worked with children, putting on performances, and hosting short- and long-term residencies.

Through our network of Teaching Artists*, the Yocum Institute is poised to tailor a program or residency to the needs of your students, your group, and you. We offer in-depth arts experiences both at your location or onsite at the Yocum Institute.

A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills and sensibilities of an educator, who engages people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts. – Eric Booth.

Why work with the Yocum Institute?

We are ever creating and moving forward, we offer not only an extensive resource of experts in their art form, but a project director that will assist you in the details and ensure the goals for your group are met. You have the opportunity to create integrated arts experience, a one time chance for exploring something new, and/or an in-depth experience with memories that will be shared for a lifetime.

A list of past examples and types of offerings is listed below. The listed “commitment level,” can be used as a guide. The exact length is dependent on the desired outcomes, project you choose, and the needs of your group.

The bolded letter is the primary art form, other art forms that can be incorporated are also in the parenthesis

  • A: Visual Art
  • T: Theater
  • M: Music
  • D: Dance
  • W: Writing

Poe’s Unhappy Hour, School Day Performances Available each October

    • Performance is approximately an hour long
    • Show Dates and Times: 9 AM, 11 AM and 1 PM (can be worked out specifically with your school
    • Tickets: for school performances $8.50 per student
    • Capacity for this interactive production is 175
      Although we will hold a verbal spot for scheduling purposes, A non-refundable 10% down is required to confirm your reservation. The remaining balance is due at minimum 2 weeks prior to performance date. Checks should be made out to Yocum Institute for Arts Education | 3000 Penn Avenue | West Lawn, PA 19609
    • We have bus parking onsite in the back of the lower parking lot, instructions will be sent closer to the show time
    • Groups are expected to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled show time and be picked up immediately following
  • Workshops – Growth & Skill Building
    • Ideal for: school field days, rec center programming, after-school programs, groups
    • Commitment Level: Minimum of 3 hours if in a school, 8-10 hours of weekly programming, or 2 days over a weekend
      • Examples of Past Growth & Skill Building Workshops
        • Arts Infusion Day (T, A, W, D, M)
        • The Science of Art (Chemistry, Physics, A. T. D, M)
        • Play in a “Day” (T, W, A, D, M)
        • Mini Musical (T, M, D, A)
        • Mural Making (A, T)
        • After School Drama Club, Dance Team, etc.
  • Residencies – Learning & Connecting
    • Ideal for: In school and/or ongoing after school programs, summer learning program
    • Commitment Level: Coordination with school administrators to schedule as part of the school day, after school permission. A designated core group of students to work with the Teaching Artist.
      • Examples of Past Learning and Connecting Residencies:
        • Diversity or “Jello Salad”
        • What If, Literature Exploration
        • Curriculum Connections in and through the arts


The general baseline cost for one teaching artist is $95 per hour for up to 15 participants, plus materials. The Yocum Institute for Arts Education is an EITC approved organization and will work with you and your organization’s budget. Please do not let cost concerns keep you from reaching out if you are interested.

Please contact Beverly Houck at 610-376-1576 ext. 205 with any questions.