Bobbi Bressler

“Thank you for an engaging program at the Oley Valley Community Library today. The children were so focused on the storytelling and the audience participation. Children today need to learn to be an audience. They need to learn to be focused and involved. Your programs give these children an opportunity to work on those life-long skills. These are skills that cannot […]

Susan Pena

“I wanted to tell you how impressed Poncho and I are with the theater department at the Yocum. There has never been anything remotely like this in the area for kids who want to have training in theater, and it has been an incredible addition to the arts community. When Julia and I were looking […]

Camryn (Cami) Conner

” I have to tell you, she is having the time of her life with this production!  She’s my youngest of three, and has never been into sports the way my older two are.  While there are an ABUNDANCE of opportunities for athletes from toddlers on up, there aren’t as many venues for young kids […]

Kim Vaughn

 “Kim loves to dance as it allows her to express herself […] and no one can tell she is different. [The Yocum Institute] allows Kim to show the younger dancers you can do anything you put your mind to.” Kim Vaughn Yocum Institute Dance program since 2008

Muhamed Badjie

“The Yocum Institute provided me with a safe space to not only practice theater, but to learn more about myself and other people. Unlike many school and community activities, the Institute includes people from many different schools in the area and sets the foundation for making connections with all kinds of folks from all walks […]

Abdul Ghani

“[Neighborhood Bridges] is unique because it focuses on acceptance and tolerance. It teaches students to show respect to all students and adults. It builds bridges between gaps. It allows students to increase their social and interaction skills. It builds creativity in writing, which is so awesome and amazing. The program also fosters a love and […]

Rene C. Berkhammer

“The Art Therapy Program has built up my student’s self-esteem and helped them have a better understanding of shapes, shading, colors, and symmetry.  They are able to build upon the skills and feel proud of the art work they create.  The lessons are always age and ability appropriate. Students are able to be creative and […]

Takiah and Tia McKenzie

“My daughter was able to go to a summer program, while I went to school, that she was excited about. I didn’t just want her to be playing all day, like she does at her regular daycare. The summer program is actually educational. They involve the parents in everything. I love that!” Takiah and Tia […]

Julianne Michalik

“So many students, like myself, are there for years and continue as teachers and performers both [at the Yocum Institute] and out in the community. There are so many classes and different kinds of learning environments that everyone can find something in the arts!” Julianne Michalik Director of Vocal Music, Kuztown Area High School

Brian R. Gibson

“My time at the Institute was fulfilling and instructive, both as a teacher and student. It helped to shape my direction as an artist. The Yocum Institute has been a training ground for many artists who have gone on to brilliant careers in the world of music, myself included.” Brian R. Gibson Retired Opera Singer, […]