Susan Pena

“I wanted to tell you how impressed Poncho and I are with the theater department at the Yocum. There has never been anything remotely like this in the area for kids who want to have training in theater, and it has been an incredible addition to the arts community. When Julia and I were looking at the various camps at the beginning of the summer, I was floored to see that the Yocum had one in Commedia! At first, Julia wasn’t going to sign up because she didn’t really understand what it was. So I explained to her why this was an amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of theater, and managed to change her mind. She was absolutely over the moon with Adam’s classes! The kids worked intensely, and learned so much! And the performance was funny and professional and showed great training and teamwork. They obviously bonded. It was perfect for Julia, and she blossomed. She’ll be taking Joel’s scene class and Broadway Bound, and wants to audition for the ensemble. Thank you so much, on behalf of our family, for providing this gem of a theater program. And please pass this on to Adam, who is a gifted teacher.”